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Why It Pays To Wear Your Labels in NYC

Fellow Web Snob Blogger Tina from The Bag Snob posted this pic yesterday with this as part of the caption:

"OK, so he wasn't actually at anything Fashion Week related, we saw him at dinner at Waverly Inn. He was just walking out as we were going in and Tina was wearing a coat from his last collection at YSL so he agreed to pose for a quick picture. He was very nice and told Tina the coat looked great on her."

Fashion Serendipity at it's best.

It also illustrates why you should not be one of those mad society girls who wear everything for one season and then get rid of it. See the value in tucking those fab future vintage pieces away? As a vintage girl, I just have to tell Tina she probably just sky rocketed the value of her coat in another 50 years. It is as good as a blue chip stock now. She has the ever so elusive "provenance" that will now help pay for part of her future children's tuition. And it is a good picture of both of them too which is just a terrific benevolent plus from the fashion gods.

I can't say I am not a little jealous. I have always told My Guy that Tom Ford is the one man I would leave him for.... you know if Tom A) knew who I was and B) was straight ......but aside from those minor details.....he is a sexy guy!


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