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Random Post - Or How to Sit on the Edge of A Bed

Kyle Minogue launched a new line of bedding in London and though I am sure the bedding is great I was far more captivated by this picture:

Please take note of several things

1. Even though this is most likely a modern dress she is wearing it is entirely based on a classic vintage bombshell wiggle shape
best examples of which are predominately found from the 1950's and at Shrimpton (of course)
There is a reason why this shape is so fabulous - CURVES

Uh Huh Do Not be afraid to pair blue with Black shoes
contrary to popular belief it works and looks fabulous
the picture proves it

YSL Platforms
A fabulous pair of obnoxiously expensive F** me shoes are a
Guarantee to take a dress to fabulousiousness
again picture proves it

Girls - it does matter - listen to your mom's voice
sit up straight and cross your legs like a lady

5. Happiness
It shows through and makes you instantly that much more beautiful
picture proves it

we love you kyle!

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