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Celebrity Vintage Spot - Or is it?

I cannot find one single post anywhere attributing the designer of Angelina Jolie's dress shown in this picture above. No, because apparently, getting the photo of her growing baby-filled belly was far more important then asking the standard red carpet question - who are you wearing?

Ok so she is pregnant and I love that she is and it is important
(to her and Brad - the rest of us are just celebrity gossip sluts - admit it).
In fact, besides My Guy and I, Seal and Heidi (and dare I say it) - Tom and Kate - beside those fabulous, lovely couples, I think Angelina and Brad are one of my most favorite couples and the fact that they are putting together a brood is fabulous too!
If anyone understands the whole brood thing ....tis I....
if I told you how many children My Guy & I have between us you would die,
trust me when I say that I understand that it's all super exciting that her bump is showing....


I am a selfish vintage loving crazy girl who is going on record and saying that the lines of that dress are sooooo Ossie Clarkish or maybe Ossie for Radley
Could not one reporter look up from the girl's bump and ask who she was wearing?
Is that not like, a standard contractual commitment, in that line of work?

I just want to know for sure if it is indeed vintage.
And if it's modern then......
wow get an original idea oh-as-of-now-unnamed designe
(unless you are a designer I love in which case I take it back... sort of)

If you can find a comment somewhere naming the designer -
can you let the rest of us know please?
Or we can all just take a guess for fun?
What do you think?
Is this a celebrity vintage spot or is it a Looking like a Vintage Movie Star in a modern dress?

Maybe Angelina will write in and tell us herself.
I know one day she will stumble upon me and my little shop and blog.....right?


WendyB said...

I don't know if you saw this, but People Magazine says, "Jolie's vintage dress ... is from Western Costume and was chosen because 'Angie really likes the look of the '30s,' says her stylist Jen Rade."

Shrimpton Couture said...

I KNEW IT! Thanks Wendy! Whew you made my day by posting this LOL

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