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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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This Weeks B.O.W.

Couture in the City: Fringe Benefits: How-to Get Celebrity Style Bangs
Confession: last week I officially broke my 15-year stance against bangs and made the cut. I haven’t had bangs since I was a little girl (and those were heavily feathered to match my thick plastic glasses), so it was a hard move for me. However, I think that my bangs are super cute and love them much more than I thought I would.

Erica Tanov for Hip Little Boys
Casual clothes for little boys... (finally something besides navy and khaki)! Mom's, you can dress your little men in clothes that they will love, and so will you!!

GlamSpirit: This Beats the Exercise Ball
Here's a little post to brighten your day. Ellen Degeneres demonstrates the "Hawaiian Chair"--more than just an abs workout while sitting at your desk.

Moms Buzz: Bleach Myths about Fabric Safety & Bleaching
Doing laundry is one of our most time-consuming home chores, and when it comes to bleaching we always have our doubts and concerns about it. Read what Dr. Laundry has to say about this.

SeƱora Cartera: MARC by Marc Jacobs Softy Faridah Hobo
Get ready for Spring with a fabulous, chic designer handbag that's as colorful as the Spring itself.

Stiletto Jungle: Sale Find - C&C California "Wrangler" Tees 50% Off
Even for the fashion obsessed, paying $50 for a plain tee can be painful. With this hot deal you can score classic C&C tees for the same price as a tee shirt from Gap.

Stylenotes: Oscar-Worthy Dresses -- Red Carpet Style for Less
We were inspired by the Oscars to find dresses that emulate those worn by the stars, but don't come anywhere near them in terms of price. Here's our picks for how to look red carpet ready, even if your just going to a friend's wedding!

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