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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Katie Holmes wore vintage Lanvin from Decades last night and looked smashing!

I know she gets bashed by the press but I personally love/adore/admire the style she has developed. You have to admire that she does her own thing adn lives her life with TC and they look happy despite the constant criticism. Maybe I have a soft spot for the underdog (though I don't really think you can classify this couple as being underdog's - I am pretty sure they have everything either of them ever wanted in life - except maybe some sympathy from the press), so maybe I have a soft spot but the more I see of her the more I like her. I have always admired the people who do exactly what they want even when everyone says its wrong.

I think it's a streak all of us vintagonista's have

And on that note I am also throwing in this picture which I am classifying as future vintage worn to perfection by Katie. It's an extraordinarily cut and shaped red frock by the genius Alexander Mcqueen, paired with recently revived shoe house of Roger Vivier. I love the unusual color combination. Girl's take note - this is a strong trend for spring - run and buy some shoes in bright colors and pair them with strong jewel tones for an instant fresh & modern look!

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