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Never Underestimate the Value of Provenance

A couple of posts back I noted that Tina (of bag Snob fame), now had the provenance that will make her YSL coat more valuable down the road, after she snagged a picture of herself in it with Tom Ford who designed it.

It was with interest then, that I stumbled across these 2 postings concerning some recent sales numbers on dresses with that elusive thing we vintage dealers call 'provenance'.

This little 1950's black dress, complete with "staining, tearing and fading due to aging" went for a measly $11,000 plus the auction premium. $11,000 for a dress that is stained, torn and faded.

Oh but did I mention that it was worn by Marilyn Monroe?

That's the power of provenance

And then there is this dress.
The infamous pink dress worn by the beautiful Audrey Hepburn.

This dress from the 1961 film, sold at auction for an astounding $192,000

To be fair, this one was in excellent condition

Never underestimate the power of provenance
(though I guess there is also a lesson here on keeping your clothes clean and well stored)

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Anonymous said...

Don't you mean 'provenance'?

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