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Here's a New One - Its Celebrity SHOPPING FOR Vintage Post

Courtney Love shopping for vintage in NYC during fashion week last year.

You know you are famous when a guy holds mirror for you in the middle of the street and you have 2 other people hovering around at your beck and call. Courtney you can come see me - I have mirror and they are actually in my studio where it's warm and they are even full-length. Just get in touch and we will set something up.

Love the dress she is holding up to herself.

These forties, fitted lace dresses will show strong for spring. Note she also is looking at a pink silk velvet and the print dress?
Also all forties.
Look for a strong trend towards this era this upcoming year.
Lots of color, lots of curves, lots of details.
Yeah the modern version will be OK but the original - girls -those are superb!!

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