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Celebrity Vintage Spot

The Stunning Angie Harmon in vintage Oscar De La Renta from Rare Vintage in NYC.

This is what wearing vintage is all about. Angie is beautiful, she was guaranteed to have been the only girl in this frock at the party, even though it is vintage it captures the strong one-shoulder trend of the season, the dress is timeless and is as relevant now as it was when it was made 20 odd years ago and if she was not a celebrity and therefore banned form ever being pictured in something twice this is a dress she could pull out again in another 20 years.

If I as ever famous this would be the part I would hate the most.
Can you imagine only ever being able to wear your absolute favorite frocks ONCE??

I am shocked that there are not these underground, whispered quietly in the park by the nanny, stories flitting around about movie starlets wearing their favorite dresses to do something as mundane as cooking dinner, or having their morning coffee.... you know, just hanging around the house where there is no paparazzi so they don't get photo'd wearing the same dress twice...but just hanging out wearing the dress because they can and they love it that much....that would be me for sure.... even if I had endless choices and a world of dresses at my feet...there is always that one dress that you fall in love with, you know?

The one that captures your heart and you know you look drop dead gorgeous in?

The no-fail pull out the closet and look instantly fabulous in?

What if this Oscar is Angie's true-love dress?

How much would it suck to never be able to wear it again?

Crap, now I am depressed for her,
Now I hope she only sort of liked this dress
even if she does look fabulous

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