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Even a GUY Gets It

Last night at Avalon the stars where out in full force for the 5th annual Global Green pre-Oscar soiree. This particular soirée was held to help the environmental organization raise funds for global warming initiatives and kick-off the Red Carpet/Green Cars campaign, which encourages celebrities to arrive at the Oscars in fuel-efficient vehicles instead of gas-guzzling limousines.

While at that party Adrien Grenier, the Entourage star, was overheard making his own little fashion statement about recycling.

"People don’t realize it, but buying vintage is inherently green"

Well darling boy that is very clever of you to say, but we vintaglicious fashionistas
have known for eons that we are not just striving to look delicious and gorgeous and unique....
of course we all realize that at the same time we are doing the world good.
We are helping out the environment and making the world a prettier place to look at.

In fact, wearing vintage is practically the fashion equivalent of blue boxing

we could even turn it into our own customized motto
maybe something like..........

recycle, reuse and revisit being inherently fabulous?

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