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Shrimpton Girl Inspiration

So if you are a regular reader you know that I occasionally post what I like to call a
Shrimpton Girl Inspiration.

It's a look inspired by a picture plucked out of the millions out there, because the girl in it caught my eye and there is that magical bit of originality that transcends what she is wearing and what decade it happens to have been taken in.

This is Anouck Lepère, at the Jeremy Scott after-party in Paris this week.
And yes I realize that this outfit is perhaps not what you are going to throw on and copy verbatim when you go out for cocktails this weekend with your guy.

But before you poo poo me on this one, you need to just toy with this thought.....

You see, I was born in the wrong era.

I am really a 70's socialite who spent every night till 3 am at Studio 54
and had a closet full of Ossie and Biba and Halston - only the long flowing pieces, of course.

I did whatever I wanted, with whoever I wanted, and danced with abandon.
I smoked, I probably did the occasional bathroom drug
and my best friend was as equally tall, fabulous and as utterly naive as I.

I thought the world was made for me.
To play in, to dance in, to laugh in, to live in and best of all
to dress any damn way I pleased
and if I felt like wearing mad make-up, well I did it,
and everyone copied me the next day.
I walked into a room and joy followed me in because I was utterly and completely alive

Now look back at the picture of Anouk .....
do you not see that same girl I just described?

Can you see how sometimes an outfit can take you to the edge and
you find out the edge is where the action is.
The edge is fun and exhilarating and you are the beautiful girl twirling on the rim of that wall.

Sometimes you should just dress to break rules and
sometimes it works perfectly as it does here.

Anouk, I hope you danced till 3 am
and somehow I know you did

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