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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Some Shrimpton News

I know I have been posting a bit less this week but that is because I have been giving the site a bit of an update. I have been switching over all the photos on the site to a new dark backdrop and using my new and improved fancy camera. I think the new pictures look great although I am still working out the black on black so don't complain to me yet please - they are getting better with every shot. I am just a girl who know clothes - not a professional photographer - although I have probably taken enough photos that if being a professional was based on number of photos taken - well I would qualify on that alone!

There are still lots of changes coming..
I am very pleased to tell you that I will be launching a whole redesigned site in about 6-8 weeks time. When we start working on that I will occasionally ask you for feedback on what you would like to see changed to make it easier for you to shop, so please help me out when you see those posts. AND I will be offering full e-commerce when the site is re-done - not just good old paypal!
We have even upped the anty on our packaging - our new look are sleek black boxes with tons of tissue to wrap your goodies in!

In the meantime here is one of the new items that will be available soon
the vintage wedding dress in the post below inspired me to pull this dress
don't you think this would make a fabulous wedding dress as well?

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