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My Guy I Am Sorry BUT I have fallen in love with Michael Kors

I have to confess that I have never been a big Michael Kors fan (sorry darling) but I am now pulling a full and absolute 360 degrees on that opinion as of right now.

As I was browsing through some of my favorite blogs (see links in side bar) I came across this YouTube video of the Michel Kors show on Julie's blog, Damn Good Vintage.

The clothes are good.
They may even be fabulous.

Maybe its because they are, for the most part, almost literal translation of what really good vintage is all about, but hey, a good thing is a good thing right?

And if you doubt that the clothes you just saw have their roots in great vintage silhouettes....
well allow me for a second to share this still shot from the Kors show...
its an absolutely delicious dress don't you think?

AND it looks surprisingly like a purple hued version of this little number posted at Shrimpton right now, which is of course an original 1950's watercolor silk dress
also absolutely delicious don't you think?

AND it's the ONLY ONE available anywhere
hmmm vintage does seem have its appeal no?

In any event, 2 thumbs up to Michael Kors for producing a stunning collection and gaining a vintage girl's fanship!


This dress is now sold!

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Guerreira said...

I am a big fan of Kors as well, I must confess. i kond of like the "rich girl look" of his stuff. It makes me think of big boats and long lunches and all the things that I would have if I was a kept woman instead of one that likes to (blargh) work for her money (not in the Tina Turner sense, of course)!!!

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