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Celebrity Vintage Spot - Sielian Style

Here is another great Celebrity Vintage spot sent in to me by Sielian Lie, owner of
Sielian Vintage Apparel in West Hollywood.

How cute is Nicky Hilton in this dress?
It actually reminds me of the Crystel dress I have up at Shrimpton Couture
sans any extra crinolines for poof.

It's amazing how much a crinoline changes the look of a dress, no?

You can visit Sielian's Vintage Apparel at 9013 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood


Do you have a picture of a celebrity wearing a piece of vintage they bought from you? Or even better do you have a picture of you looking fabulous in vintage? Email your pictures at cherie@shrimptoncouture.com and maybe you will make it as a Real Life Vintage Spot or your item as a Celebrity Vintage Spot!!

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