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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Welcome back to the world of vintage clothes Nicole!

Nicole Ritchie looking stunning in her vintage Jill Stuart gown!


Idiot update

As in I am one

I meant Jil SANDER
Not Jill Stuart - that was my fingers typing on auto pilot

here is a blurb from the VFG to give you an idea of who Jil Sander is


(1943) Jil Sander worked in fashion as an editor, free-lance designer, and retailer for years before starting her own label in 1973. She became known for her minimalist designs that relied on precise line and proportion rather than embellishment.
In 2000, Jil Sander sold controlling interest in her company to Prada, and four months later she left the company. The line struggled financially, and in 2003, Sander returned to design her namesake line. However, she quit the company a second time in November 2004, reportedly due to problems with Prada management.


WendyB said...

To think Jill Stuart can be vintage kind of cracks me up!

Kristy said...

she looks good in that dress and the dress looks good on her!

Anonymous said...

OMG, she looks stunning!

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