We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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New Site Update

Please do NOT stop sending in your suggestions but here is what the
overwhelming majority are saying/requesting so far:

NO Music
It seems you shop at the office like I do and music can bust you faster then the boss sneaking up behind you so I promise NO MUSIC
No Flash
No one likes it so it's not happening
Its a good thing I do not know how to do it anyway so that makes that one quite easy
Navigation of the site
Half of you want by category, half by decade.
Everyone wants the nav links across the top - so you are getting BOTH.
(insert a drum roll there if you like)
Main navs links by category then drop down menus that sort by decade.
And you will have a page where you can see everything at once in each section too.
PLUS there is a search tool so you can sort and search by decade or anything else you please
in addition to these basics there is:
a full shopping cart coming
a tool so you can save your favorite items to a page only you have access to
and can refer back to at each visit
and tons more that I am going to keep to myself for a bit more cause I want to surprise you!
the contest is still open for more suggestions (see post a few below) and I am still taking in every single idea you guys have becasue you are all brilliant and creative
BUT I ill tell you I am working hard to get things ready for well before May 1st as i had mentioned below so speak up now or it will be too late
if you could see me you would know i am doing a little happy chair dance
as i type because i do that when I get excited '
it is perhap a good thing you cannot see me, no?

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