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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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A Diary Post

I still want to keep this blog mainly about vintage and vintage fashion but I feel a void in what I write sometimes and what my day to day life is all about. I run Shrimpton Couture but I am also a busy girl with, what to me anyway, is a pretty fabulous life and I think it might be fun to bather on about that once in while. I cannot guarantee it will always make sense but what the hell it's my blog, and it and Shrimpton Couture really are just extensions of me anyway. If anything they are the real me as I love everything about that part of my life with a passion!

So I have been immersed with setting up the new site and it is a slow and tedious process. At the same time I feel like I am taking the site up to the next level so its deliciously fun. I am adding an entire networking area and sometimes the thought of getting that up and running is scary - the thought of keeping it going and it being a success - shit, that is even more scary - it gives me the night terrors sometimes.

At the same time I am exhilarated because I truly think it is going to be something special. So I just push the scaries aside and forge on. I find this is a general & useful life advice if you are looking for that sort of thing....

While all this is going on, My Guy and I are launching an entire company, with employees and everything - yikes - told you I was busy! I am the V.P. of that company so am overseeing pretty much everything. Every single day is packed morning till night between the two companies but it is so much fun! I tumble into bed exhausted but there is nothing like creating something from nothing!!! My Guy and I are a fabulous team and I adore him to death!

So I think I am a bit of a sadist (or is it machoist? I never could keep them straight and is that even how you spell machoist?) either way I am a freak because I decided to reorganize mine & My Guy's entire closets this week.

We are lucky enough to live in a big old rambley house and have a sitting room off our master bedroom. It was slated for renovations but not for a while so I took it over as my dressing room. I seriously have enough stuff to fill a room. And no it does not include what is in my studio. I had to build racks to do this and my hands hurt. My Guy is away this week so its a bit of a surprise but next time i think I will wait till he is around so he can have the sore hands.

Is it obnoxious of me to share that when I stand in the middle of that room I feel happy?

It's not that I am terribly materialistic, its that I have created this life for myself where I can have a room full of fabulous things and I am not neck deep in debt and no one bought it all for me. I have this life because I decided a long time ago when I was 16 and living in bum-f**k no where that I would be a girl like the girls in Vogue. Silly huh? Miraculously though it worked.

I do so love beautiful things.

Sometimes I get out of control. Have any of you seen the Dries Van Noten shoe collection for spring? It is TO DIE FOR

Earlier this week I happened upon a shop that carries then - Specchio's in Toronto just off Bloor. If you go there ask for Julie - she is amazing. So I tried on three pairs. Each was more beautiful then the last. I now own three new pairs of Dries Van Noten shoes. Maybe I will post pictures of them? They are works of art

I do so love beautiful things

They are in my new room and I think they are happy too.

So in summary, this week I worked my ass off, spent too much money (and no that was NOT me with the bag with 2 other pairs of shoes that might have been YSL Tributes, in it uh uh no way) and I made a happy place for me and my clothes.

I am in girl paradise.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing that wonderful and inspiring article. I also have a room for my clothes and its one of my favourite places,(it also has bookshelves of vintage clothing and style books for inspiration). I'm a bit jealous of the shoes you bought though!

Shrimpton Couture said...

Hi Cybill!

Maybe I should have a post where we all send in pictures of our "closets" tee hee. I am so happy to find out I am not the only one!

And about the shoes - seriously even I do not believe I own stuff like that sometimes - i just go into me room and look at them - I am a sick sick girl

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