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I knew it

When I posted this all-in-one jumpsuit on Shrimpton Couture I had one of those moments of "really, should this go up on the site?"

I mean its a jumpsuit - something I am old enough to associate with some really,
and I do mean really, bad fashion.
But at the same time this particular one has

A. A fabulous print
B. Is in that slinky 70s nylon fabric that really moves adn drapes
C. Is in such great condition and has such great lines that ....

Well if you are that kind of girl that can pull it off, then you are going to look pretty spectacular - built in pants or not.


Something said to me - these are going to be a trend - maybe just a micro-trend but they are going to come back if just for a season. The whole summer look is going printed and flowing crazy!

I love it!

And just so I can put that little voice at rest that yes you where not insane to post that jumpsuit on Shrimpton - there are girls out there that can pull it off I came across this picture of Rhianni in a floral Stella McCartney version.


Sharon Rose said...

I adore the Stella McCartney version of the jumpsuit and I do agree floral+vintage+jumpsuit is a definite summer trend!

Please feel free to stop by at my blog and my website www.sharonrosevintage.co.uk

I love your blog!

Shrimpton Couture said...


Welcome & I did take a peek at your site and blog! Next time i do an update I will add you to my blog roll!

The new site will have tons of British designers - hope you love it - its coming soon!

WendyB said...

I hope you have shown this to Elizabeth at Observationmode!

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