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Dita Rocks the Forties Playsuit Look

Ok I know that some of you are going to dog this look in a huge way. But I do not care. First its Dita and Dita can take a retro look, wear it as a literal copy of the original look & feel, know its costumey and somehow make it work.

Because she is Dita.

YOU can probably not do this.

But lets just take the umbrella away, and the hat. Change the sunglasses to a slicker black pair. I rather like the retro bakelite jewelery so let's keep that. Now add a bigger bag that has a more daytime/modern feel - maybe a Miu Miu tote in a color that works with the shoes and voila.

You too can wear a 1940s playsuit in public (though between you and I it might just be a bathing suit - funny how our standards of modesty change huh?)

I love her.

Whether you like the outfit or not she pushes the envelope and does exactly whatever the fuck she wants. And wears what she wants.

Thats my kind of girl

Photo from Dlisted

1 comment:

WendyB said...

She looks AMAZING!

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