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Running a Special

Eventually I am going to put a super duper client retention program into place over at Shrimpton Couture. YY, a very good client, gave me some super duper ideas, but I have not quite formulated the perfect plan yet.

I did want to doing something to mark the relaunch though AND ironically, I just realized that the relaunch coincided almost to the day of my second anniversary with the site.

Plus its time for all of us to stock up on summer dresses right?

That is a crap load of reasons to run a special so I am going to take 15% off EVERYTHING on the site from now till May 31st or 30th
(or whatever the last day of May is - minor details people, minor details)

I have to take it off manually AFTER the sale so shop away and just watch for your refund.
If it is 3 am my time when you buy something wait till 9 am to yell at me.
Maybe 9:30

My accountant will kill me but what the hell -
lets fill the world with pretty vintage dresses shall we?

happy shopping


WendyB said...

Really?! 15% off EVERYTHING? :-O

Shrimpton Couture said...

uh huh Everything :-)

I must be bonkers

Penelope said...


I loved Shrimpton Couture before - even though I just drooled and daydreamed - but I'm having an awful lot of trouble navigating on your new site! It won't let me use the arrow bar very easily, and even less so the pull down menus under each section. It just gets stuck and won't move. Ahh! Help!

knit_tgz said...

Wow! I'll finally take the plunge and try ordering one... I hope!

knit_tgz said...

Wait: EVERYTHING? Even the Bazaar items?

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