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Meeting Michael Kors & Finding Love

If you are a regular reader of the blog you know I fell in love with this dress when it first was shown on the runways for fall 2008. It is so yummily reminiscent of the perfection of great vintage that there is no way I could not lust for it.

Today I happened to be at Holt Renfrew to buy those gorgeous blue strappy platform YSL shoes (oh yeah - summer is coming)
and Mr Kors himself was there for his Trunk show

I was fully prepared to walk right on by.

First of all a trunk show is nutty. Have you ever been to one? I swear every wealthy woman comes out of the woodwork, gets dressed to the nines and gets her hair and makeup done and goes for a day of socializing and shopping. It's quite amusing actually to see the amount of air kissing and the unspoken "I can spend more then you can" that goes on.

At the same time I say this a bit tongue in cheek, because hell, 
why not turn it into a chance to be fabulous and wear your most fabulous frocks?

So there I was, prepared to walk on by when it happened - the girls that are there to showcase the clothes walked out as I was walking by 

and there
the dress

Its better in person

And I had to have it

I waited for the sample to be retrieved for me and took it into the dressing room and fully expected to have to judge how it would fit by squinting my eyes and pretending I really could zip it up and then the miracle happened. 

The sample size 4 zipped up perfectly and that damn dress folded around my curves like it was made for me and me alone.

It was a moment of reciprocal love at first sight with that dress falling as hard for me as I did for it.

As I came out of the dressing room Michael himself came over and gave a bit of a tug at the shoulder, straightened a seam and pronounced it a perfect fit.

We where being filmed and he commanded me to twirl so he could see all angles, while he chatted away and I told him I had blogged about this very dress.

Even though it was a mad house and even though there where cameras filming it all..... for a few small moments it was just a quiet room, 
with a dress, a designer and a girl in a dress. 
And the girl felt for a moment like the most beautiful girl there 
and that somehow that dress had been created just for her

I wonder sometimes if designers yearn for the days of the proper couture house. 
Where clients came in for appointments and had tea or a bit of champagne. 
When it was quiet and elegant and that small moment I had, could turn into hour upon joyful hour, with heaps of dresses instead of one, and that small quiet connection between a designer and a girl would stretch on forever........

And yes, I ordered the dress


Chic Individualiste said...

Fabulous blog entry.

Fabulous dress.

Fabulous opportunity.

Fabulous luck.

Have fun wearing that gorgeous dress!

Upper West Side Femme said...

wow, this was divine intervention. i love love love the dress as well!!

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