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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Its nice to see Dita Von Teese in this dress in particular.


Because this is a dress that almost every vintage loving diva has come across or owns but for some reason rarely wears.

If you where to see this dress up close you would see that is is rows and rows of tightly gathered, almost pleated fabric that is broken up by horizontal piping. These dresses are little works of art but they look vintage and feel vintage. So a lot of girls pass them up because they are afraid of taking their look too literal. Which can easily happen in dresses that have this look.

What I especially like about this frock on Dita (who often does take her retro look literally) is that she has taken her usual 'done' hair and softened it into a more Lana Turner style and added that big silk sash (which I highly doubt is original). If she was not Dita and the one girl who can carry off literal retro looks, she could have updated this look even more by wearing a more modern feeling shoe, but the pair she has worn works on her.

Its a great dress and I love to see it worn right!

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Anonymous said...

I would have put different shoes too, but it is a great dress.

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