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Web Snob: Week In Chic

This is a new weekly post that highlights some of my Web Snob partners who might have fabulous items to purchase through their associated businesses or are running contests....where the Friday Web Snob links are editorial in nature, these are more about shopping and promotions! Check them out - there is some great stuff to be had!

Summer can be rough on your feet, and that's why The Shoe Goddess is giving readers
a chance to win Foot Petals.

Are you worried about revealing too much back buldge this summer? Well head on over to The Fashionable Housewife to find out how YOU can say "Goodbye!" to Muffin-Tops!.

SATC is this summer most awaited movie and Sxy Fashion Queen invites you to go shopping with the stylist Pat Field.

StyleBakery.com Exclusive: Win a Chic Juicy Couture Bag Stuffed With wet n wild Cosmetics!

Second City Style recommends updating your existing spring/summer wardrobe with one of these fabulous ruffle blouses.

Fashiontribes helps you look fab fighting pre-summer flab.

Coquette loves the affordable, eco-friendly fashion of Rogan for Target.

This summer win a total closet makeover! Head on over to A Few Goody Gumdrops and enter the Closet Full of Towels Giveaway.

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