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Its THE Dress

Ok so now I know the reason people become actresses.
It's because THEY get stuff first.
Kirsten Davis is wearing MY DRESS.

I have to wait till September and she is already out and about looking lovely and springish. Even if technically this is a fall collection dress it still looks lovely and springish. Please imagine me stamping my foot as you read this and pouting since I will not be able to look lovely and springish in my fall dress - unless of course I wait until NEXT spring to look lovely and springish in my fall dress by which time other celebrities will have already gotten their lovely little actress-I-get-it-first hands on MY DRESS resulting in the dress being completely over by next spring and people saying

'oh that is a pretty dress - didn't I see Kristen Davis wear that LAST YEAR?'

Hmmph didn't the Michael Kors people get the memo to stop producing THE DRESS when I arranged to buy one???

Kirsten I just can't love you in the same way anymore - I am very sorry but you broke the girlfriend rule and that fact that we are not girlfriends just doesn't matter to me right now.


angelina said...

That made me LMAO

Anonymous said...

I can totally picture you pouting and stomping your heels lol.
Jen Murray-Szarvas

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