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Add A Little JOY To Your Life

Joy Stevens is one of my favorite not-so-expensive vintage designers. She did dresses that capture that unabashed sexiness of the 1970s. They tend to be made of that perfect 70s poly fabric that seems to be the only polyester ever produced that for some odd reason is not grotesque. Her dress are easy to wear, cling in the right places and generally give a girl the feeling of being sexy without being a tart. This is a great example with is low cut front, kimono sleeve detailing and elasticized waist treatment so you can dance (and eat) with no worries till the wee hours. I am astonished at why some pieces stay on the site for so long and this is a good example. of a great piece slipping under the radar. The best thing about it is the color. The camera did not capture the true color of this great dress at all so when it arrives and you open the package - the right true, emerald, Caribbean ocean green of it will take your breathe away!

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