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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Today's celebrity vintage spot worn by Mary Kate Olsen also falls under the official "I so want this dress myself" category.

I would have worn this vintage Halston with my black Dior Extremes to contrast the floatiness of it. And because I love my black Dior extremes to death with all things that at first glance you say - no that won't work - which is why it does for some odd reason. On Friday I had a dinner and wore my one shoulder vintage Oscar De La Renta (its my current favorite I have to go to dinner with clients so cant be too overboard but still want to look smashing and it is vintage - dress). I wore my Extremes with it along with an over sized vintage Hermes Jige clutch in bright red and was PDH (pretty damn happy) about the whole look. My personal shoe darling Derek at Holt Renfrew tells me they re-ordered these for fall. Which sort of sucks because I like that even though these shoes are a very recognizable shoe, not many people have them. But sadly, unlike vintage dresses, that is the chance you take with fabulous shoes these days. they are available to the masses. Or at least the ones willing to pop out the cash for them.


Always In Style said...

Those shoes are a definite MUST HAVE -- where do I buy them?

Shrimpton Couture said...


I got mine at Leone's in Vancouver. You might be able to snag a pair there. Call and ask for David. Everywhere else I have seen is sold out. I hear the Holt Renfrew in Toronto will be doing a re-order for fall. I will keep you posted through Derek at the Bloor Street location!

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