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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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I have a thing for these one shoulder dresses. I know I have written about them before but I just can't seem to shake my current fascination with them. I look for them everywhere and have amassed a personal collection of about oh ....five different silhouettes in my own closet that i wear on a regular basis. There is just something so sensual about them, they are this delicious combination of the seventies mixed up with Greek goddess, mixed up with snootiness and a bit of edginess. When I saw the pictures above of Miss Katie Holmes and Gwenyth Paltrow both rocking their Lanvin versions in an on-line comparison of runway to real-way I just could not resist posting them. These to me are the classic goddess version, whereas this little pink number that is available for sale over at Shrimpton Couture is a more girlie fifties silhouette. At the moment there is also a one shoulder seventies maxi at Shrimpton too which you can see in this post or by hopping directly over to SC.

My real question is this though - both the dresses you see above are Lanvin. You would assume that they are the same design but in a different fabric, no? Notice though that each is one a different shoulder. So the question becomes? Whose wearing it backwards?

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