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If you are in New York this weekend....

From Vogue this morning:

RACHEL ZOE is opening her wardrobe up to the masses this weekend, as she plans to set up a booth at Super Saturday 11 in Watermill, New York.

The A-list stylist, most notable for her vintage dresses, Nicole Richie and oversized sunglasses, is calling her booth "Designers from A to Zoe", according to WWD. Among the clothes on sale will be donations from the likes of Jennifer Garner (who gave away a pair of Prada boots and a pair of Dior heels), Heidi Klum and Cameron Diaz, who has donated two signed handbags.

Celebrity offerings aside, expect wall-to-wall labels from the likes of Versace, Missoni, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney. Of the Super Saturday phenomenon, Zoe told The Daily: "I've gone almost every year since it started, but have never done this before. We run around like crazy people. Last year my nephew picked out three vintage dresses for me that I bought."

So, for a little A-list spotting while you shop, head over for a few designer bargains - if you happen to be in New York, that is.

Ally Pyle


If you go report back to us!!

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