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Sorry no posts yesterday - had a bad connection the entire day so got zero work done. But I did completely rearrange my entire main floor practically. C'est la vie

This morning as I am scouring through the net like an addict with her crack habit back firmly on track I came across this picture of Elizabeth Banks in a "heavily jeweled red vintage Dolce & Gabbana mini"

Dolce & Gabbana launched in 1985 so if this dress is from their very first collection it is a mere 23 years old. I have noticed a regular occurrence of this "new guard" form of vintage. I know of one or two extremely high end vintage stores out of the states that are regularly selling gowns form the nineties as vintage. I do occasionally have an earlier (or is it later) piece on my site as well but try to stay 1970s or prior as a general rule. Maybe its becasue I have lived the eighties and just have a general repulsion to them. There use to be this sort of rule where vintage was 25 years or older and antique was 100. But that seems to no longer be the case? Or is it? What do you think? Does it matter to you or is pawning off pieces form the 90s a form of re-sale rather then vintage? Or does it matter?


kiran said...

i've been thinking about this too lately. i'm only 23, but i have plenty of sweaters, accesories, etc. that i stole from my mom or that are my own from the 80s & 90s. i know a lot would consider this vintage, but that thought makes me uncomfy. is there a rule of thumb?
most of the stuff i've bought that i consider vintage is from the 1940s- i love those cuts! so i've never worried about others pawning stuff off to me, but i wonder how much of my wardrobe really qualifies as vintage. i recently saw a supposed online vintage retailer trying to pawn off a 1994 DKNY dress as such- really?

emmapeelpants said...

I think if it's a classic or iconic designer, then it's fine. Someone like Gaultier or Alaia, or in the UK designers like Pam Hogg, Bodymap etc.

I see vintage clothing as being something representative of its era, and seeing as how the beginning of the 90s is now nearly 20 years away....it's irritating, but it's vintage! ;)

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