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Once in a while you stumble across a dress that just gives you shivers because the construction of it is just so fucking fabulous.

This 1950s silk fitted frock is one of them.

Its the kind of dress you know might sit on the site for a while because, even though it is demure and covered and even dare I saw - has Lolita-like hints with its baby girl white collar peaking out.....the reality is that is needs to be worn by a girl who wants to have sex.

Its a Dita Von Teese, Jessica Rabbit kind of dress,
that kind of come get me but only when I say kind of dress.

Its seamed all through the body to create a tight hourglass curved figure and the silk is a heavy version with an almost sharp feel to the exterior.

Its the kind of dress that when you pull it from the box you think maybe you had gone wrong - its just to plain and shy looking, but then you slip it on and add sky high pumps and suddenly you are that girl who captures every man's eye in the room and every woman's instant jealousy.

Click here to get the details if you dare.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I think you have ruined all other dresses for me forever! If I had the figure for that dress, we would never be parted.

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