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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Hot trend alert - err I mean cold I think......

Well girls, apparently when I tongue in cheek chastised Daisy Lowe for forgetting her pants, other girls-about town looked at her picture and said hey - I can do that too- after all it will save me countless seconds of pulling on pants or a skirt and I can therefore get to a party quicker.

Cases in point

Liz Goldwyn debuts her sequin panties-worn as outerwear. I know they look alarmingly like fuzzy leopard fun fur in this picture, but I am sure they are sequins. Its here coat that is fun fur. tsk tsk silly girls for not immediately spotting the difference (leopard....spotting ...get it?)

And then we have Juliette Lewis, who in spite of being known to be rather consistently psychotic when it comes to dressing (and I say that in a rather loving manner as I quite like her kookiness) actually somewhat manages to pull the whole look off. As far as wearing no pants or skirt in public can be pulled off. And because she does come rather close to looking - well - good actually, I am betting you are going to see more pantless girls at parties in the near future. And at the beginning of the evenings even,

Don't think I don't know what kind of parties some of you wild things go to either. I mean pantless on purpose not the waking up the next day and go oh gee where did my pants go.
I have heard stories

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emmapeelpants said...

Don't forget that in the UK, they actually haven't forgotten their pants. They're very much wearing them! ;)

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