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Start em young

This is why i am glad I acquired my daughter at a later age. If I had had a girl at this age this would be me. And then would be seriously broke and break my own soap boxrules (see 2 posts below. When they are 20 you can be the wise old chick who can explain the value of earning and paying for your own Hermes cuff.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get bashed all the time in the media. And yet, they like the revered Brad and Angelina are always around Suri. Name me five other big stars that are regularly filmed with their kids? I am happy to go against the mainstream on this one and give them my (very unimportant) blessings to them as a fabulous couple.

And you know what? I think Katie is a great parent and my bet is that while her bag contains some fabulous little Hermes bauble (because it really is hard to resist the temptations of a Hermes store), I bet that little miss Suri's bag is just that - A Bag, and an empty one at that.

Every girl wants to be just like her mom and I bet Kate was smart enough to know that she is going to get dogged by the media for appearing to be buying Hermes trinkets for her daughter, but a good enough parent to know that it does not matter, that its more important that Suri swing her little bag and feel like a pretty grown up kind of girl like her mom.

But thats just my opinion. Maybe one day Kate will stumble across this blog and let us know herself.
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