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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Oneof these things is not like the other

How does a girl go to a premier-slash-some-type-of-red-carpet event in what ends up being a pretty fashion forward outfit (love it or hate it) and bring her smucky looking boyfriend who from what my daughter tells me is a smuckly type boy all around -personality wise, who is wearing a plaid shirt, wrinkled jeans and scuffy shoes? Honey, if you had the balls to get a new nose, catapult yourself into the limelight in spite of any so-called friendships you may or may not have had and generally re-create yourself - could you not have at least upgraded the boy too? Don't be a typical loser face girl who hangs with the idiot guy cause "I love him" yeesh, if he doesn't respect you enough to know that if you are getting photos and he might be in that frame, to maybe at least, you know, tuck in his shirt.....yeesh don't make me soapbox twice in one week

That being said - nice clutch


emmapeelpants said...

No idea who she is, but I love the shoes!

Jay said...
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the iron chic said...

Ugh. And what makes her so special?
They deserve each other.......

WendyB said...

A new nose and new boobies!

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