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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Check out Beyonce in a super rare vintage Thierry Mugler Harley Motorcylce corset looking fierce for her new promo shots for her new album!

It's not the first time its made a musical appearance either - check out this clip with the corset's debut in George Michaels Too Funky video

But this is the piece on the original model from its show debut, somehow managing to hold its own even then when compared to Beyonce's updated hair and make-up version above

And if that is not enough Thierry Mugler all out in your face sex for you, then take a moment to check out this clip from the original 1992 show.
Now this is a fashion show no?


This really illustrates when couture goes into fantasy land.

Yes I know its totally unpractical and probably cold unless its a very hot day, and yes I know that people would not just stare, but probably point so that you could see them doing so and talk about you loud enough for you to hear, but there is still a part of me that would give her fucking eye teeth to wear this for a day and get to make that mean 'don't fuck with me' face all day while doing it.

Because that boys and girls is what couture is really all about.

The ability to take even an ordinary girl and for a moment transport her into whatever world she wishes to go to.

Please take a moment to think thank you thoughts towards Mr. Mugler with me


WendyB said...

I looooooooove that video.

Trendy Gourmandise said...

amazing beyonce

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