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It's Not Vintage but....

Credit: Peter Kramer/AP

.....I am still digging it.

Faith Hill looks 70s hostess fabulous in her tunic and wide pants by Marchesa.

Can I say though that the tunic should be two inches longer? If it hit just under where the inseam starts. (sorry but I hate the cr_tch word....shudder...its like when people say a measurement across the bust is from armpit to armpit...I know this is an accepted term and not a swear but I do not want to wear a garment with armpits - even though we all know they are they they can stay unmentioned - yeah I am a snob - so shoot me). The the lace on the sides would have hit just under the lace of the sleeves and the whole outfit would have made her look 4 inches taller then it does now.

But that aside I still like it.

It has a very, very strong vintage reference and I personally love the original versions of this type of ensemble from the seventies.

But then again I like jumpsuits from the 1970s so maybe its just me

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