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One small step

Well look at that - I actually was able to upload a picture today! On the third try, but still it's progress! And what picture did I choose to upload?

A fabulous original watercolor by Mark Schwartz!
Mark emailed me recently asking to do a link exchange and attached one of his pieces.
Being the shoe slut I am I hopped right over to his site and was in shoe art heaven!
Go check out his on-line gallery here and don't get mad at me if you end up buying a piece for yourself. Art is never a bad thing to buy, ever. And I like to think shoes aren't either...so if you do the logic on that....well it makes it almost impossible not to be able to buy a piece!

(Need a justification to buy something - anything - just post a comment - I can help you with that - trust me!)

Beautiful vintage & art lover Karen emailed me to tell me about 2 other famous shoe slut artists.

In 1968 Jasper Johns did a small sculptural piece entitled "High School Days", which was basically a man's shoe with a mirror on the toe for looking up woman's skirts. That makes him a shoe pervert not a shoe slut, technically.
Click here to see the one teeny tiny picture I could find on the net.

And Andy Warhol did shoe illustrations for I Miller as well as later silkscreens of shoes as part of his repertoire.I would add a picture of some of his shoe pieces, but
A) Blogger is back to not letting me upload pictures
Have you seen the film Sienna Miller did about Edie Sedgwick - Factory Girl?
After seeing that film, I no longer like Andy Warhol.
He was a colossal ASS.
The fact that he did shoe paintings therefore makes him a shoe-ass, not a shoe slut

Though I do admit that if given a Warhol for free I certainly would not turn it down, I would just think "asshole" whenever I looked at it.

If you want to see a Andy Warhol shoe picture you can click here
try not to think ASS when you look at it - its really hard, especially if you saw the movie

After reading the update above, Karen then sent me THIS note which I had had had to post. See Karen was actually THERE, in New York back in the day when Warhol was doing his thing adn was heavy into the Art scene - that's all I am going to say as I do not have permission to "out" her identity. Read this and try not to burst out in giggles if you are at work:

Karen writes:

I never liked Warhol's work and the attitudes toward women and especially women artists in the 70's was unbelievable. I never hung out at the factory but was semi involved with the upstairs and back room scene at Max's.
(I think the Drake is a current day Max wannabee)

Any way one of the female artists that was involved with Clause Oldenburg, Hannah Wilke, was making sculptures of vagina's out of chewing gum which moves our discussion from shoe slut to gum slut.

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