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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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The saga continues

So my technical difficulties continue. I still cannot load pictures and cannot access a SINGLE blog that ends in blogspot.com. It also means I cannot go to the known issues page in blogger (its a blogspot.com site of course) and when I posted my dilemma on the boards I did not get a response. Way to go blogger persons. So in the meantime I am adding to the site so click here if you want to see the new goodies. Wendy (Brandes) has said HER site and access are perfectly fine so you can scoot over there if you want to read a blog that actually has content. And if you are a techy type person and have suggestions - please leave me a comment and make suggestions? I cleared all my cookies and cache to no avail. Rebooted, restarted and hit the keyboard quite hard several times but still no fix. We must get it fixed or you will be stuck reading my picture-less ramblings and we don't want that now do we?


emmapeelpants said...

Ugh, that's horrid - you poor thing. Have you tried using a different browser? (i.e Firefox instead of Explorer, or the other way around?)

WendyB said...

Any difference between PC behavior and Mac? It's hellish to try to get help if something goes wrong with blogger, as I can attest.

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