We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Vintage on the Street

I am back in full form again! I finally got the help I needed from a lovely man named Chuck over at the Blogger help boards. It took 3 days and about 15 messages back and forth, but I can once again upload photos and see other blogspot.com sites. Let's hope it stays that way. One of the first things I have done was cruise around the net catch up on all my fabulous fellow bloggers.

While over at The Sartorialist I came across this photo that he captioned On The Street, Vintage Sunday Paris

The timing to me, is somewhat ironic as I will be debuting a new line of revamped vintage furs this week on the Shrimpton Couture site called Twist.

Watch this space (or keep checking at the site under the C'est Couture banner) for Twist AND for still another new designer doing reconstructed pieces to join the Couture family.
Lot's of stuff happening these days.

There will be one last BIG update this week before the holidays and then I have REALLY big news for the new year that I can't divulge to you just quite yet!

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