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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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In a little teeny tiny miraculous moment  of being able to add a photo (but I am still working on it - apparently I have a DNS problem - and I thought I just had a shopping problem - yeesh) So there is this weird quirky window where I actually got to upload a photo so I decided to go with TWO instead of the usual one

First here is Mary Kate Olsen in a cut silk velvet gown that looks to me to be fairly early. Though  few designers in the seventies where still using this technique. Watch for the Thea Porter version of this going up on the site in the next day or so. It is remarkably similar and if I do say so - even better!

And here is Anne Hathaway wearing vintage Mila Schon.

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WendyB said...

Loved the Olsen dress.

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