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Greetings from the beach

So I am happily spending my days on the beach in utter relaxation and like a smuck grabbed the wrong cable to download pictures form my camera - so I am afraid you will have to wait to see pretty pictures. I did not bring my camera yesterday anyway but wished I had - while lounging away the day there was a sudden commotion and a half dozen staff members suddenly rushed to set up beach chairs and umbrella. This was followed by the appearance of two very very large black men who scoped the vicinity and then bringing up behind them comes this very little man with hi very large and about 40 years younger male "companion". It was quite something to see a man in a bathing with with body guards hanging around. I guess one never knows when you need to be shielded from a flying plastic shovel now does one?

In the meantime, in case I do not blog for a few more days - cause I am too lazy to of course, I leave you with Scarlet Johansson wearing vintage at her London premier


Deka said...

i wish ms. scarlet would go away
i dont find her fashion anything special



Jennifer Murray-Szarvas said...

I read somewhere that the dress might be J.Crew? but now can't find the link. She dresses so dowdy since she got married.

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