We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Sporadic Blogging Will ensue

Darlings I am going an Vacation

Leaving the kids, the dogs, the in-laws and the snow behind and going to a dreadfully decadent beach. Have packed my vintage Pucci and Halstons, bikinis and a few vintage kaftans and I am off in the morning.

I will perhaps post sporadic blogs if
A) I am not on the beach
B) I am not terribly hung over from the previous nights selection of fine wines and
C) I can muster my sun-soaked brain into somewhat coherence and form sentences that you might actually be able to decipher.

If you desperately need something form Shrimpton Couture I will make arrangements for you, otherwise nothing will be posted for a fortnight.

Sand and kisses my little vintage loving readers - I will be back soon!

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WendyB said...

Lucky you!!!

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