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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Mary Kate Olsen is in Miami and was spotted out and about in this blue vintage velvet jacket. I don't necessarily love this outfit (especially in Miami - hello wheres the vintage sun dresses MK?), but I do love that she is A) wearing vintage in a casual day time wearing kind of way. A lot of times we think of vintage as "special occasion" wear only and its nice to see it just thrown on and B) that she is wearing velvet. I really like velvet - its soft, its fluid (when its silk velvet anyway) it feels good to wear, its sexy and it looks killer in low lighting. And there are absolutely scrumptious velvet gowns form the 30s and 40s that get passed by all the time becasue they are velvet.

Stella McCartney tried her best to bring velvet back when she made this fabulous little dress in blue velvet but did it sell? Not at Holt's anyway. In fact I thinks its on the sale rack now. It's on sale at the Stella McCartney site too. So I don't think there is going to be a big rush on velvet anytime soon. Vintage or otherwise.

Its still nice to see it strolling down the street in the sunshine though

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