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Warning: This blog post is totally off vintage topic
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This post is about legs

You see I am going on vacation in a few days (hurrah) and I have been having a bit of freak out over potential bikini bare all. I am not 20 anymore and well, things happen to a girl's body and even though you may fight it, supermodel I am not. I am just a normal girl who probably should have laid off the wine and cheese a few months out, but My Guy buys such damn good wine....well let's just say the incentive is just not there. So like a typical female with healthy self esteem I just waited for the magical "back to your twenties body" fairy to arrive and bestow me with her charms, but I guess she got the wrong information cause I am just the same me I alway was. Not that this is a terrible thing, I happen to think I look pretty good in a vintage Ossie Clark dress till, but a bikini? Insert HUGE sigh here.

So in the midst of this somewhat girlie thigh jiggliness lamenting bought of self pity I happened across this photo:

And in my mind I think Damn Victoria's legs are looking fine. And I swing my tablet around and show My Guy and isn't this a great outfit? And he says Yes that is a fabulous outfit but she has the ugliest legs.

I almost fainted.

What? I sputter? How can you say that - her legs are fabulous.

He then proceeds to tell me that womans perception of what looks good has swing so far to the left that we all think that looking good means that we need to look like we just got out of a concentration camp.

I sit there flummoxed and to be honest, somewhat better feeling about the whole upcoming bikini thing. I dont QUITE believe him yet there is a part of me that does. And there is a HUGE part of me that REALLY really loves him, even more then about 5 minutes ago. I did get a great one no?

So then I continue cruising through the gossips blogs and I come across the most absolute opposite image you could come across form the one above:

Its one of those guess who bits? And my first thought is OMG that poor girl she is going to be horrified. And my second is Thank God I am not quite that jiggly. Then I click through and see that it is Helen Mirren, who I might remind you all is 63 years old and these pictures are of her happily enjoying life and snorkeling in Hawaii

And when I saw it was Helen Mirren I felt ashamed for my first thought. And I realized My Guy was right. She looks fabulous and she is enjoying her life. What is worse then jiggly thighs - which you do not have control off and there is nada you can do about - what is worse is to let it make you feel bad about yourself and perhaps even more terrible, to make you NOT enjoy snorkeling and sunshine and water and going on your vacation with a guy who loves you.

I am somewhere between Miss Beckham and Miss Mirren and I think I am fine with that. I would even suspect that almost every single girl reading this is in between these two woman as well and the ones on either extreme should be pretty happy too. I also want to say I am sorry for being so judgmental on my first moment's impression of Helen Mirren. I feel a little chagrined to have fell into the trap of tabloid/gossip judgments so easily.
Shame on me.

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WendyB said...

You mean the magical "back to your twenties body" fairy isn't coming?!?!?!

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