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More Mugler

Looks like Beyonce is an official Vintage fashionista - or at least when it comes to Thierry Mugler

THIERRY MUGLER is stepping back into the limelight in spectacular style via a collaboration with none other than burgeoning fashion icon Beyonce Knowles for her upcoming world tour.

The singer reportedly became enamoured with Mugler after seeing his creations at the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute's feted Superheroes exhibition in May and wore a vintage 1987 Mugler dress for the shoot of newly-released album, I Am Sasha Fierce.

With a fashion world love-in firmly established, Mugler is to have a creative hand in many facets of the singer's tour, which kicks off in March in Canada. He will serve as a creative adviser, with input on everything from set lighting to choreography, and direct three segments of the show (including the finale), as well as providing stage outfits for the whole production - 58 for Beyonce alone, WWD reports.


It will be exciting to see what he comes up with!

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