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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Celebrity Vintage Red Carpet Spots

Kyra Sedgwick in vintage Chanel at the SAGS

and earlier in the week Calista Flockhart appeared in vintage Azzaro.

What's interesting about Flockhart's gown, is that it was purchased at Decades in LA and apparently it was bought a few years ago.
Not this season but a few years ago.
Which means Calista loves this gown - cause when you have lots of $$ at your disposal and you are attending a big event do you just grab a gown out of your closet from 2 years ago to wear?
Hell no!
Unless of course that 2 year old gown (to you) is not two years old but 30 odd years old and you love it and you need a reason to wear it again!

This is what is great about making a vintage purchase. If its good enough to buy now its still going to be great years from now. When good vintage makes it through a trained eye and passes the selection process and then you buy it, you now own an investment piece that will last you years and years. You don't have to worry if its "this season" because great vintage becomes timeless. And when things get tight economically, vintage is a great way to get high end quality and labels at a far lower price then what's on the racks for spring.

And as I repeat over and over
Its the only way to be completely confident that
YOU are the only one wearing that dress at any event.
So what's stopping you?

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