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A Shrimpton Vintage Spot

I always bug my clients to send me a picture of them in their pretty new dresses.
One of the worst parts of selling on-line is that you don't get to see anyone actually wearing the dresses you work so hard to find and send out into the world. I have had so many people promise me - you know who you are out there - and then not send me the pictures promised. HOWEVER, if you would like to send them in now and make up for my broken promised heart, I will forgive all. Just so you know.

One of my dresses went to the Grammys,

At least 2 Shrimpton dresses got married
(no cake either)

One went to an extremely important Gala

A few have gone to fashion week in NYC

And I know for fact that there are countless Shrimpton frocks out there that have been worn while their girl is falling in love, going on dates, laughing at parties, and generally living the life they are (and once were) meant to live, but it just happens to be another fabulous girl now
But still.....

There is always an exception to everything though and Wendy Brandes, who is a very good client and looks fabulous in vintage, does post some of her Shrimpton finds pieces on her blog so I do get SOME pictures vicariously through her
Click here to pop over there and see for yourself, she does do a dress good

But the fact remains that after all of the many times I have sent out a dress into the big, wide world (thousands) I really have only ever seen Wendy in her dresses (two so far, with a few more to come) and for the most part I never get to see you in your dress.
Its heartbreaking really - for both me and the dress.

So you can just imagine my delight when I opened my email and see that my gorgeous client Melissa has actually taken the time to send me pictures of her in her new Harvey Berin 1950s couture rose printed, silk cocktail dress.

How gorgeous does this dress look on her?
It fits her like a dream and is the exact right color on her too.
And I love the pairing of the red Mary Jane shoe in the exact right hue!

Melissa you look fabulous in that dress and I cannot wait to see the other!

If you do not normally leave a comment
(and I have hundreds of readers a day so am always astounded that no one does)
today is the day. Let's do the opposite of the Go Fug Yourself attitude of bashing people, let us for just a moment, drop our obsession with only looking at celebrities as our standard of what to wear and how to look, and instead let's publicly say to a real live girl

Damn you look great in that dress!

And then feel free to send me YOUR picture in YOUR Shrimpton Couture dress silly girls


Angelina said...

I will post a comment today! Fabulous dress and you look great! Nice Post!

WendyB said...

Hey, that's my gorgeous client who is now your gorgeous client! :-)
I'm loving the dress on her and just emailed her to tell her so. Also...I'm surprised that people don't send you more pictures! What's up with that?

Some Like it Vintage said...

I don't get as many pictures as I would love to see either! But when I do, WOW!

Your client Melissa looks fantastic and what a beautiful dress :-) Thanks!

Eva said...

LOVE that dress!

Sandra @ Debutanteclothing.com said...

Gorgeous pic of your client! I wish I got more pictures from clients as well. I get nice emails, but no pics =(

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