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See How Important Loving Vintage Is?

This morning in Vogue Dita Von Teese is quoted as saying this:

"Everything I do professionally comes from what my hobbies were, which was dressing in vintage clothes, driving in vintage cars, listening to retro music and reading about burlesque stars," says the starlet...... "For people to be looking at me because I was wearing an unusual hat or a strange dress and looking like I stepped off a movie set - I've been used to that for my entire adult life."

That darlings is a polite way to say Fuck You if you think I don't conform, I am successful and I will continue to wear what I want, do what I want, and be who I am whether you like it or not.

I hereby declare it Dress Like Dita Day in honor of this fabulous attitude.
Go grab that fitted forties dress or the hat you bought because you fell in love with it and you have never summoned the balls to wear and wear it today. If someone looks at you funny, look at them funny back because at least you are living life by your standards today.
Have A Dita Day
Come on girls, what's to stop you except yourself?


WendyB said...

Yay for Dita!

Angelina said...

Tee hee great post

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