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Dita Does Leopard

One of my perpetual favorite vintage wearing diva's, the great Dita Von Teese, was spotted in this simple, yet stunning ensemble.
It looks to be a fabulous and fitted 1940's coat and her always present Christian Louboutins.
But its that big , decadent, striking leopard scarf that puts the whole thing over the top !

A little bit of leopard can go a long way and when it comes to leopard its all about the print and the fabric. Dita is wearing one version of what I like to think of as "great" leopard, and below is my other "great" stamp of approval version. Its a darker version but both are kept fairly simple and don't deviate into tacky land.

Fabric is also super important - don't do acrylic and don't do cheap polyesters. Stick to silks, chiffons, wools or cashmere's - trust me it counts and its worth the little extra you will pay.

I don't know if Dita's scarf is new or vintage but my version is vintage 1970s Vera and is in perfect condition. Its the perfect versatile size at 13" x 54" and is priced at only $35. Click here to see it and the other scarves available at Shrimpton Couture.

And if you have not been on the site for a while - go take a peek. I have been working with a web designer over the Christmas break and the site has had a big re-design in its layout. You can now search by category and in certain cases, by era. You can now SEE the new items added in the What's New page. There is a new sale section for you bargain hunters out there and there are some other new pages too! there is a few bits here and there to finish off but its at about 90% right now so I hope you like it! I know have some information to add to some of the newer items and will be working on that today and tomorrow and then its on to more new stuff!!

And remember - At Shrimpton Couture - Your shipping is FREE


WendyB said...

I can testify that a little leopard goes a long way and a lot of leopard gets your picture in a magazine. Love Dita's look, as always.

Shrimpton Couture said...

If you have not seen Wendy in her vintage Patrick Kelly leopard dress - you need to scoot over to her blog to see. It was NOT deserving of its assesment by WWD

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