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Hunters & Choos

I am obsessed with Hunters - the Scottish Wellies. I know this shocks most people who have never even seen me in flats of any kind, but Hunters the most amazing and comfortable flat boot ever made. Each pair takes a week to make says the tag that comes on the boot and they really are fabulous. And having a very large dog they are practical for wood walks too! Not that I only wear them while mucking about! Hell no! For some undefinable reason they look insanely sexy over a tight legged pant. Its the whole country manor thing I think.

I am not alone in this obsession either, countless celebritiess have been spotted out and about in their Hunters

Ashley Olsen

Angelina Jolie looked drop dead sexy in her red ones in the movie Mr & Mrs Smith. Brad Pitt also wears Hunters in this movie

Model Lily Cole

And Kate Moss

Stella Mccartney wears em, Gwenyth Paltrow, Sadie Frost and if you do a Google, you will find a whack of real life girls out and about in theirs!

I have them in green, black and red myself so it was with great delight I read that Hunters are collaborating with Jimmy Choo this summer to produce these
" Combining the traditional aesthetic of Hunter with the sleekness of Jimmy Choo, the result is a natural rubber boot embossed with the luxury label's signature crocodile print and branded top bind, a gold buckle and rivet detailing, and leopard print lining."

They are being sold exclusively on-line and apparently there will be a wait list established for them in May. You can bet I will be on that list let me tell you! I think they are the perfect diva dog walking boots ever, no?


Duchesse said...

J Crew sold Hunter Wellie this past fall. Wonderful boot.

Shrimpton Couture said...

They are the best. I wear mine all over the place! I love expensive shoes but it is nice to be able to slog about in ones you dont have to worry about - especially in slush & snow!

Angela Simmons said...

This is really cool... Fashion and functionality in one!

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