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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Happy New Year!

Sorry to all about the profound lack of blogging this holiday season. I have been super swamped - we threw a dinner party for 20 here at the house and with that and the normal influx of children, friends and other assorted family, well its been a bit hectic. I am actually going to try to post a bit more in 2009 (take that as a reluctant resolution - never did like the idea of the whole resolution thing but if I have to do one I guess that can be it). And I am at work behind the scenes to make Shrimpton Couture a bit more user friendly and interesting to navigate through.

Its a bit of a task so if you do pop onto the site one day and it seems wonky then just be patient or drop me a line to yell and complain, but in the end it will be a better place to shop! There is so much on the site that to go back and make all the changes to the older merchandise is a massive task so you might find the old and the new will have to live side by side for a while, if not till the older items are all gone. I might just mark down the occasional piece while I am at it too!

I hope everyone reading this has had a safe and happy New Years celebration and I wish you all love and happiness for the upcoming year!

Oh and feel free to add wear more vintage to your resolution list!

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