We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Regular Blogging to Resume

Hello darlings! I am back and am now a lovely shade of beige as opposed to my normal shade of ivory. Ahh what 2 weeks in the sun will do. I flew back to one of the biggest blizzards to ever hit and promptly froze my beige ass off. The entire vacation was tremendously fabulous and I will post some pictures later this week for you!

In the meantime here's who wore vintage this week:

Kerry Washington wore this vintage bustier. It seems to me that this is a strong case as to why some vintage should be left for dead no? Sorry, leather clad hooker girl looks just don't do it for me. And why when you base your outfit on grays and silvers so you choose a clutch with a gold frame? At least do a mod Cardin look with some flashy chrome!

Eva Mendes wore this yellow Bill Blass sheath gown and looked every inch the vintage movie star. The dress is not vintage as far as I know but it sure looks like it is! Am I the only one who has noticed that the line between original vintage and brand new has blurred to the point where it as almost non-existent?

Eva also appeared in this Michael Kors frock - more proof that Michael borrowed hard from his grandmas cupboard this season.....if you can call my site and others grandmas cupboard that is...

And last for today because I have to actually do some Christmas shopping or the children will revolt; Scarlett Johanssen wore yet another vintage frock - is she on a vintage roll or what?

This one inspiring much speculation throughout the web as to where her boobs went

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